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For Boat Owner

eCabins offers you a brand new concept of renting your sailboat cabins. This involves renting a cabin from your sailboat in the same way as a hotel room. Our site will allow you to make your sailboat profitable while having the chance to meet people very friendly that you will have accepted beforehand.

What characterizes eCabins is that the model and the cost of hiring a cabin will be unique for all sailboat owners all over the world. The cost is set at US $ 100. The arrival of the clients to the sailboat will be at 17 pmĀ of the afternoon and the departure 14 pm the next day. Guests will bring their food for all meals. You will be able to offer them to sleep offshore or near a desert islands and if the weather allows it to lift the sails to get there.

Via our site the guests will contact you either by email or by phone so that you can agree the details of the hiring. The maximum prices displayed on the site will be US $ 100 for a cabin. You yourself agreed the price for extra people. You will always be able to offer customers a discount.

The price for subscribing to the eCabins site is only $ 9.97 US per month (30 days) payable via PayPall. However, since we are on promotion it will be free for you for the first 2 months.

At last, Your clients belong to you not us!

Step 1

You are the owner of your boat. We believe you can decide who you take on board not us!

Step 2

List your boat at eCabins for a small minimal monthly fee and earn money renting out your cabins.

Step 3

You can rent to more peoples and make more money by renting out cabins instead of your boat.

Some Recommendations

The sailboat must be able to walk upright in the center.

The beds in the cabins should be very comfortable.

Sheets and blankets must be clean for each new customer and should preferably be white.

Have a gas stove outside and a stove inside.

Plates, cups and bowls must be of the same style and paired.

Utensils must be made of metal and paired.

You must be able to respond at any time to e-mail or telephone.

You must keep your availability schedule up-to-date

Insurance and seat belts for each person.
Be available to respond